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Vivace Espresso

From coffee roasting, operating our own cafés to wholesale supply of beans, equipment and marketing support to others, we've come a long way since our inception in 1997. Scroll down to discover more about our coffee and the Vivace Espresso story.


Beginning and ending with the bean.

Vivace Espresso is an established privately owned coffee company based in Christchurch, New Zealand with sales and distribution offices in Auckland and Wellington. Our coffee brands are served at discerning establishments throughout New Zealand, with home barista beans available for purchase through our cafes, the Christchurch roastery, The Tasting Room in Auckland and this website.

Bernard Smith created Vivace Espresso in 1997, however the master roasting lineage extends further back beyond this date, with a strong family connection to the green bean.

It's from this point on however, that Vivace Espresso took shape and with Bernard being complemented "front of house" by Paul Baker- Vivace Espresso has grown into a tight-knit team dedicated to the coffee craft, and more importantly your enjoyment of it.

Our coffee brands, the blends.

The foundation of Vivace Espresso lies within our passion for, and the work we've put into creating each of our coffee brands.

You can find more about each blend (and single origin bean) in our online shop, however we think they're worth a big mention as they are intrinsically linked to our story.

People have different tastes, different expectations. Coffee is a very personal thing, and while our blends are generally delicious across the board, we do create distinct blends that contain subtle differences based on bean origin and roasting profile.

Ultimate Espresso is our flagship brand and the blend itself has been incredibly popular over the years and continues to be enjoyed as a consistent and smooth finishing coffee. Union Espresso is strong and robust- a great "kick in the pants, get into the day" coffee!

Tango is one of our newer brands, the blend has been thoughtfully designed to capture the passion of South America ... in every cup. Interesting, finely acidic, fruit flavours with a lasting taste echo, Tango is gaining in popularity among the cool cafe crowd.

Organic. Simple, full flavours from certified organic beans, our Organic brand makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Not only because we know the bean growers are getting their just rewards, but because this blend leaves a really nice winery finish on your palette. Yum.

The way we roast.

We source only the highest quality single origin beans from reputable coffee growing farms worldwide and roast locally here in New Zealand at our coffee roastery in Christchurch.

Both our Organic blend and Organic Decaf single origin beans are certified and purchased directly from the grower under the Fairtrade guidelines.

Looking forward.

2015 will see Vivace Espresso crafting new taste experiences and designing even more ways to support and enhance the product we already provide to our clients and ultimately you, the coffee lover. We'll continue to support events and industry groups and can't wait to see what geekery the coffee community comes up with this year!