About us

Vivace Espresso

Not to be confused with the famous Italian luxury fashion house, the company’s name pays homage to the home of espresso. Vivace (viv-ah-che) is Italian meaning lively, vibrant, spirited. The name is both a nod to the original coffee houses as places of conversation, debate and creativity, and a reference to coffee flavours and characteristics. We’re about true artisan coffee. 

About us

Our Story

Our name is Italian however Vivace Espresso remains a family-owned and proudly New Zealand-based specialty coffee roaster.

The company began as a small roastery café in the Christchurch CBD in 1997. With a focus on fresh, quality roasted beans and expertly made espresso-based coffees, the cafe soon had a reputation for the best coffee in Christchurch and loyal customers queueing out the door.

It wasn’t long before other cafes were also wanting to serve our coffee.  And so word travelled… And the business grew…

About us

We're about true artisan coffee

Roasting coffee may seem simple, yet to achieve optimal flavour it is complex. As you’d expect we focus on quality-checking throughout this process. Individually batch-roasting each origin ensures we bring out the best flavours and characteristics of each. The synergy between the origins then creates the blend.

Our coffees are all ethically sourced, as they should be, period.

Conscious of our social and environmental responsibility we’re always looking to evolve, to find better ways of doing ordinary tasks. We’re not out to change the world, but conscious there are little things we can improve and we’re working on finding these and doing better.