Brazil Fazenda Chapadao
Brazil Fazenda Chapadao
Single origin

Brazil Fazenda Chapadao


Origin: Fortaleza de Minas
Varietal: Topazio
Process: Pulped Natural
Light-Med Body, mild acidity
Tastes Like: 
Milk Chocolate and Hazelnuts
Recommended For:
 Filter/Plunger, Aeropress, Chemex

This classic Brazilian microlot is grown by  co-owner of the Curimbaba group, Sebastiao Curimbaba at his farm Fazenda Chapadao. The coffee is semi pulped and sun dried on concrete patios, which is common practice in brazil. The Topazio varietal was developed in the 1960s as a hybrid of Red Catuai and Mundo Novo. It takes the sweetness of the Red Catuai and combines it with the disease resistant qualities of Mundo Novo.

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