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Vivace Coffee Blends

At Vivace we are particular about the quality of our green beans, only selecting top grade Arabica beans, then expertly roasting and blending them to create harmonious, award winning flavour blends. Designed and perfected for consistent quality and taste, Vivace blends are ideal for home espresso machines, filters and plungers.

Ultimate Espresso

Five origins of the highest grade Arabica beans from Indonesia, Central and South America as well as Africa, blended to create a well balanced, full bodied espresso.

This blend features a smooth sweet taste with a lingering hint of chocolate. As the name suggests, this blend is ideally suited for use in espresso machines and stovetops.


A blend of four of the finest grades of Arabica coffee beans. Picked from three continents and roasted to the highest standard, these beans are then combined to create one blend which is complex, robust and refined in flavour.


A blend of three origins from Indonesia, Africa and central America, certified as organically grown and purchased through Trade Aid, direct from the grower.

This produces a full-bodied, sweet espresso blend. Look out for a delicate winey taste.


A blend of three origins of the finest Arabica coffee beans from Central American and African continents, roasted to a medium colour to produce this outstanding filter and plunger blend.


Capturing the passions of South America this blend contains the buttery cocoa flavours of the finest Brazil with a distinct fine acidity and fruit characteristics of high grown Guatemala leaving you with a smooth lingering finish.

Single Origin Beans

We roast all our coffees as single origins, we post blend our coffee allowing for the flavour composition of each region/ origin to give us the full flavour that we strive for in each brand. This form of post-roast blending gives us a great opportunity to offer each origin for you to taste and discover, you might want to blend it with another origin or just by itself, be adventurous have some fun with the flavours.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Torea

From the Torea village in the famed coffee growing region of Yirgacheffe this coffee is best sipped black to reveal its nuanced flavours of Peach, apricot, apple and plum.
This if definitely one for the connoisseur who enjoys identifying the unique tastes of single origin coffee.


Colombian Coffee is grown at high altitude which gives this coffee a smooth pleasant acidity with full rich body. Notes of sweet caramel and nuts make it a pleasant, easy drinking coffee.


From the Cerrado region in Brazil, this coffee, low in acidity makes an excellent espresso coffee.

Mild yet full-bodied, at its best has a pleasant chocolate taste. This is the base many Italian roasting companies use in their blends.


Probably the most sought after single origin and usually commands a premium price on world markets.

Kenyan coffee beans are known for their high acidity, fruity/citrus flavour and excellent aroma.


Decaffeinated by the Swiss water method using no chemicals, this pure Colombian coffee produces a rich flavour and crema. You won't believe its Decaf!


One of the finest Arabica beans available, Guatemalan coffee beans are grown at high altitudes producing a high quality acidity and excellent liquor.

Our beans are sourced from the New Orient region, as they are known for their distinct milk chocolate taste. A very pleasant coffee to drink on its own.

Papua New Guinea

Beans purchased exclusively from the Sigri Estate in Papua New Guinea, famed for its consistent and high quality. These beans are grown at high altitude and considered to be exotic by most coffee consuming countries.

Papua New Guinea coffee is well-balanced and sweet, much like the famed blue mountain coffee of Jamaica from which most of the coffee trees in PNG were cultivated.

Other Beverages / Barista Accessories

Shott Coffee Syrup

Add a 30ml cap of a flavoured syrup to add another dimension to your coffee or hot chocolate. Choose from beautiful vanilla, a sweet nutty essence or luscious caramel.

Vanilla 750ml    $21.00
Hazelnut 750ml    $21.00
Caramel 750ml    $21.00
Chai Latte 750ml    $21.00

Kali Hot Chocolate

Made from premium West African cocoa, Kali hot chocolate not only tastes great but is 100% natural, gluten & dairy free.

1 kg    $25.00

Chai Latte Powder

The finest ingredients sourced globally and blended locally. Sweet and spicy for the perfect Chai Latte.

1 kg    $32.00

Stainless Steel Jug

Stainless Steel commercial-quality milk steaming jugs with easy pour spouts; perfect for practicing latte art.

300ml    $30.00
600ml    $33.00

Tamper - 54mm

NZ-made, Stainless steel, commercial-quality tamper with a polished wooden handle. 54mm ideal for San Marco espresso macines

Other sizes available, please call 0800 848 223 for advice. 
54mm    $51.00

Tamper - 58mm

NZ-made, Stainless steel, commercial-quality tamper with a polished wooden handle. 58mm ideal for Wega and Vibiemme Domobar espresso machines and those with an E61 group head.

Other sizes available, please call 0800 848 223 for advice.

58mm    $51.00

Tamper Stand

Perfect for keeping your filter handle off the bench and free from loose coffee grounds when not in use, nothing worse than coffee grounds in perfectly extracted espresso!

Stand    $40.00

Grinder Minder

Two in one unit. Brush the counter and under the espresso machine, then flip it around to clean the grinder dosing chamber. Designed for the trade, by the trade.

Brush    $35.00

Dump Box

Small bench-top dumpbox, perfect for knocking out used coffee cakes from filter handles and containing the mess! Commercial sizes are also available; benchtop, in bench or floor-standing models, please talk to one of our team for further information.

Box    $59.50