Beans for business

Need beans? We're your connection!

We supply Vivace Espresso blends, consumables & pro-barista coffee equipment New Zealand wide.

While reknowned for our core green bean roasting, we are equally proud to offer an impressive array of coffee related products and services to a large range of clients in the food service industry.

Not only do we provide the highest quality freshly roasted beans, it's the personal and professional support that ensures our customer's customers have the best possible coffee experience.

Beans are in our blood

Vivace Espresso was established as Bernard Smith- together with Paul Baker, foresaw the explosion in demand for barista style specialty coffee.

With a Toper roaster installed and connections made for sourcing and importing green beans from the major growing farms secured, we quickly became a fixture in the local coffee scene.

As a go-to destination for the Christchurch cafe and hosptality crowd we were soon roasting not only for ourselves but for other fine establishments around the city.

Distribution and support.

Customers were making specialty coffee part of their daily routine, and in turn demanding a high level of consistency and quality.

This required both formalising a roasting recipe (coffee profile) and a blend name they could recognise and request now that we were supplying other cafes around Christchurch.

An exciting chapter in our rich history- the Ultimate Espresso blend was created, and remains our flagship blend over 20 years later.

Tailored for you

As with many central Christchurch businesses, events of 2010/11 led us to a relocation. We choose the city fringe and a premises which gave us an opportunity to further develop our blend range and distribution outside of Christchurch.

Now with our massive Probat roaster, a coffee "lab" and space within which to store, roast and pack coffee we've set about providing more niche blends for customers throughout New Zealand.

Staying in touch with the cafe scene, and the fast evolving nature of the industry we realised we needed to walk the talk and be on the shop floor- outside of our Christchurch roastery cafe location. So we opened our own Vivace Espresso coffee bar in Wellington and more recently The Tasting Room in Auckland.

We train your baristas

We realised early on that in order to secure our future, we had to help the coffee industry grow and mature.

As such we've been actively involved in the NZ Specialty Coffee Association, hosting and judging barista competitions and running free cupping sessions and roastery tours.

Additionally we run coffee appreciation workshops from our very own training "cafes" in the roastery and at our retail locations in Wellington and Auckland.

Hardware supply & service

If we've supplied you a coffee machine and/or grinder as part of a supply agreement we'll be there to make sure it runs as smoothly as it did on day one.

Award winning blends, expertly roasted, delivered on time
Coffee collateral, machinery & branding support
Training & onsite support