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Wholesale Services

While reknowned for our core green bean roasting, we are equally proud to offer an impressive array of coffee related products and services to a large range of clients in the food service industry. Not only do we provide the highest quality freshly roasted beans, it's the personal and professional support that ensures our customer's customers have the best possible coffee experience.

Roasting Scale

Our state of art roastery can batch roast at volume- without any compromise in quality.

Supplies Support

We supply everything you need- ceramic cups, sugar sticks and takeaway cups in various sizes.

Marketing Support

We provide fully branded support material for all of our major blends.


Roast and supply our brands and single origins for cafés and restaurants, with flexible supply arrangements tailored to individual needs.

Provide barista training on-site or in our specialist facilities in Christchurch and Auckland, and it's free for wholesale customers.

Demand the highest quality green beans and seek out lasting relationships with reputable growers around the world.

Have the capacity to scale production incredibly but insist on maintaining a down to earth sense of craft with everything we do.

Operate a nationwide support team who have first-hand knowledge of day to day hospitality and barista operations.

Provide a comprehensive range of Vivace Espresso branded marketing collateral for our wholesale customers.

Supply and service reputable, beautiful espresso machines, industrial grade grinders and related barista equipment. Brands include Wega, Slayer and La Marzocco.

Are trusted and relied upon to bulk roast and distribute coffee for reputable worldwide brands.

Use technology to continually improve not only our roasting process but our entire customer experience.

Provide support to the New Zealand coffee scene participating (and often judging) at industry events.

The Roastery

We roast daily to ensure customers receive a regular dispatches of beans, timed so that they are rested and ready to serve when delivered to your premises. From the moment the green beans land at Vivace Espresso's Christchurch roastery track every bean until it's selected, roasted, filtered, blended, tested, picked and packed and sent out the roastery door.

See the roastery in action below. The video follows our roasting process from bean to cup. See the quality controls we've designed and put into practise, ensuring each roast is as consistently fresh and flavourful as the last.